Since ancient times, plants have been used as a primary source of medicine for people all over the world. In modern times, herbs have been sidelined, since magic chemicals have taken their place. But these drugs did not fulfill their creators’ promises. Their use is limited by serious side effects, and many of them do not cure the world of its illnesses. As a result, many people look to natural methods of dealing with diseases. One of these natural methods is herbal remedies. There are hundreds of herbs in the herbal kingdom. Many herbs from around the world have been researched in recent decades and their therapeutic effects have been documented. These herbs are analyzed on our web site. These are herbs that can be traded. We are aware of their therapeutic effect, the dosage required, and their side effects and interactions with medicines. Herbs cure a multitude of diseases without causing the side effects of chemical drugs. If you do not know the use of these herbs, do not use them alone. They are also dangerous.